2 October 2012

Rickina and Jacky settle in well and Pelangsi continues to make good progress

By vet Silje Robertsen

Rickina has finished her quarantine and as the wound on her head has healed nicely she has been introduced to the other babies in the baby school group. They all are very fascinated by her scar from the machete wound and want to inspect it closely. Rickina herself is still a bit overwhelmed by all this attention, but seems to enjoy being the centre of the party and is getting braver every time we take her down. We are introducing her for short periods of time every day and hopefully soon she and Gunung will be climbing the ropes together!

Jacky has also been introduced to the baby school group and he seems to love the all new space and ropes to climb in. Although he stills whimpers a bit when there is no babysitter in sight, he is growing more independent every day and can play for hours on end with Karmila and Gunung and all the rest.

Pelangsi is in a good condition and is very active in his cage. Hopefully it won’t be long before he can return to the forest and show us all how well he can cope with his handicap. He is eagerly gathering leafs provided for him and making nests as well as he can, so he has definitely not forgotten his skills from the wild.

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