15 October 2012

Rahayu and Rocky get glowing progress reports

By vet Silje Robertsen

Rahayu posing for the camera!
Rahayu is doing very well these days and you can hardly tell she has a small handicap in her eye sight. Her only problem is being slightly cross eyed but she gets around just as well as the rest. She does tend to stay closer to the baby sitters than some of the others, but she still plays actively and does not seem to be hindered by her eye sight. The only problem we have is that she loves to eat, and is starting to get a bit tubby around around the edges! She is a lovely orangutan, sweet and gentle with the rest of the gang and eyes that could melt any heart. Her favourite play-pal is Gunung, perhaps because he keeps a slower pace than some of the bigger ones, and so they're a good match.

Rocky is recovering well
Rocky is doing really well too and is behaving more and more like a "normal" baby orangutan. When he came he was hugging himself frantically as he had probably been kept by himself in a small space. He is not used to eating fruit raw and is often scared when we offer him different things - like banana! So we have been mashing foods together and giving it to him as a drink, as he likes to drink from the bottle  which is probably all he knows. Slowly though he is trying new things and although he stills cries if he thinks he's being left alone, he seems a lot more confident and is gaining strength and body weight by the day. 

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