5 March 2012

Introducing Desi

Vet Silje Robertson introduces another new arrival to our emergency rescue centre in Ketapang…

Last week our team ventured out on a new rescue operation. Our investigator had discovered an orangutan being held captive in the town of Pemangkat, Melano. Together with the forestry department and our collaborating organisation Yayasan Gunung Palung we set out last Friday 2 March.

The young female orangutan, called Desi, had been with the family for over two years, living outside their house in a steel cage of about 2 square metres. She was very dirty and clearly distressed when our team arrived, but otherwise in good condition. The family claimed at the time to have bought her from a palm oil plantation worker. Desi had been fed whatever her owners had available: at times fruit but more often rice, chicken and other human food items.

She is quite habituated to humans and in our quarantine cage she is still nervous and shy and clearly needs time to adjust to her new situation. Desi is about 4-5 years old. Fortunately she seems in good health, has long beautiful hair and is eating with a good appetite. We will give her the time she needs to feel safe with us and, once she finishes her quarantine period, we will introduce her to her new friends and environment.

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