27 March 2012

Cute baby Marsela joins the family in Ketapang

Volunteers Silje Robertson and Jesus Mayoral introduce Marsela...

The latest arrival at the orangutan rescue centre is Marsela, a cute baby of 3 to 4 years. She is named after the street she was found on, Jalan Marsela. The street runs through a palm oil plantation and it was security staff at this plantation who found Marsela crossing the street alone. As the mother was nowhere in sight they caught her and brought her to us on March 16th after learning about our rescue centre from the Gunung Palung National Park and the local forestry department. She is fairly shy and wild, and very scared of humans. That is normal considering she has come straight from what used to be forest and now sadly has become a palm oil plantation.

She was under a lot of stress and showing aggressive behaviour when she first arrived at IAR but after almost 2 weeks in our care she is seemingly doing better, eating well and is less sceptical. Fortunately, even though she is a little underweight for her age, she looks healthy and hopefully will have a bright future.

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