11 June 2013

International Animal Rescue: May update from Ketapang

Brave volunteers encourage the
babies to leave the safety of the ground
by Christine Nelson

May has brought some slightly drier weather and a (temporary) respite from rescues. This has allowed us to quickly build up some vital infrastructure on the grounds of the Sungai Awan centre. Essentials like newly routed plumbing, and on-site tools like a generator, incinerator, and internet access will help the daily activities of the center run more smoothly. 

The Great Orangutan Project volunteers have been busy making boardwalks for better access to the forest, as well as some more permanent enrichment fixtures to promote foraging behavior in our babies and juveniles. Some of the staff even received training in tree climbing so we can encourage the youngsters to hang out more where they belong...in the trees!

Gembar is out of quarantine and is just starting out with the little ones in baby school. Noel and Tribune are quite taken with her and her long, flowing hair. If all goes well there and she has the skills and confidence needed to graduate, she will likely be moved to the forest group soon.

Mac and Ujang out in the forest

Melky is by far the biggest juvenile in the forest group and can be found by following the cracking sound of the small trees he uses for travelling. Although he is quite a muscular boy, he is very gentle with the youngest ones and even look after them during rainstorms.

Butan and Marcela are “regulars” when it comes to sleeping in the forest at night, but they have occasionally been joined by Roy, Bandut, Puyol, Sigit, Galang, Laksmi, Mac, and even little Pedro, which bodes very well for their chances of being released back into the wild.

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