9 May 2013

Spring update from International Animal Rescue

by vet Christine Nelson

Spring has sprung in Sungai Awan, and all the babies and juveniles have now arrived at their new forest home and are ready to take part in the rehabilitation process.

New arrivals Tribun and Onyo have both graduated from quarantine and are finding their place within the small baby group. Amin has also gained medical clearance, and he is learning the routine fast and making new friends in the forest clan.
Onyo is settling down with his new friends in the
baby group, and practices climbing trees each day
Even though the location is new, the population density of orangutans is unnaturally high, and the their mischievous and destructive play behavior is taking its toll on the trees. Saving more forested land for future use is still a priority for the further development of these young animals. As their individual skills are revealed, groups are being formed to encourage the rest to learn from those who are more forest savvy. Some clever orangutans are even making decent nests and choosing to spend the occasional night in the forest. The team is working hard to keep order, although some orangutans seem to want to follow a schedule of their own...!

The team is also creating new protocols to ensure the health, safety, and happiness of all the animals and workers. We have also started to implant radio-tracking transmitters in some of the orangutans we release back into the wild, so that in the future we can follow these orangutans closely and learn from their trials and successes in the field.

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