3 May 2012

In spite of her traumatic past, Peni is a happy, healthy, playful girl

Vet Jesus Mayoral provides an encouraging update on Peni, who was rescued from a horrific situation by our team in 2010...

Peni with her mother before her rescue.
Photo: Feri Latief
Peni was brought to IAR’s Centre in Ketapang at the end of October 2010. Despite starvation and the horrendous experience she had been through, she was in reasonably good physical condition when she arrived. IAR’s vets performed every routine test necessary to have a better picture of her physical condition. That was the first step to rehabilitate her, the easy one.

Peni now! Photo: Julie O'Neill
For Peni, and also for all the people involved in her rehabilitation, the most difficult task was to overcome the psycological trauma, but thanks to her strong nature and the company of fellow females Susi, Prima and Helen she did really well from the beginning.

During this year and a half she has been very healthy (just a minor flu last January) and playful. She likes to vocalise and show her emotions in this way. Recently she lost her upper milk incisors, which is the normal process at her age. Dentition is the clue to know the age of babies and children but it is not 100% accurate. Anyway, the loss of these teeth seems to confirm our initial guess. By now she must be around 6 years old, a healthy, strong girl, full of life, who hopefully will be ready before too long to go back to the forest!

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