14 February 2012

Enter: Noel

Vet Silje Robertson introduces the latest newest arrival to our emergency rescue centre…
Yesterday a man arrived at the centre and explained that about a month ago he had found a baby orangutan at the oil plantation where he works. He then offered to sell the animal to IAR, which our field manager, Argitoe made clear to him that we would not do. We got the location from the man, and early today our team set out to confiscate the animal.

As they arrived in Kepayan, Siduk they found a very young orangutan locked in a wooden cage. The man from yesterday was nowhere to be seen, but his wife and son willingly handed the small male to our paramedic, Rica. The orangutan is a small male, about 10-12 months of age and apparently in good health other than being slightly underweight for his age. We will monitor him closely over the coming weeks, and keep you posted on the progress of our newest member, Noel.

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