15 January 2010

Helen learns to trust us

Volunteer Paloma updates us on how Helen the baby orangutan is progressing at International Animal Rescue's transit centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. Helen was rescued from plantation workers in Borneo, after she was found hogtied to a pole and having suffered cruel beatings.

Helen the baby orangutanHelen is doing a lot better than she was a month ago: in the beginning she was very scared and aggressive after all the trauma she had suffered, but we have been working with her to build up her confidence in us and gradually getting closer to her each day, and now she is lovely!

I sometimes play with her through the bars of the enclosure and she likes to put my hands on her head, and sometimes just takes my hands and rests her head in my hands. She is getting a bit overweight too, which is why I try to play with her every day so that she gets some exercise. She loves the different kinds of environmental enrichment we provide and they keep her busy for hours!

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